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How to export Affinity Project to Adobe Illustrator?

adobe illustrator affinity projects export files tips Jul 08, 2022

Are you working with Affinity Designer but your Client is requesting you in Adobe Illustrator format?

This is a video to answer how you can solve that!

If you work with Affinity, you should know how to export a file in other formats, this is because some clients and the industry itself still use Adobe as the standard files.

The most requested files format by the industry are:

  • PDF
  • PSD

These are the most used files when we talk about visual projects.

It's important when we handle and work with other professionals in our job that we generate files that can communicate with them.

Affinity Doesn't export in Adobe Illustrator, but in PSD

The recommendation is to export in SVG, to keep the file 100% in Vector!

Make sure to check if all shapes are 100% in Vector, to avoid issues like getting the project in Raster

Watch the video until the end to understand how to make it.


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