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What students are saying

Followed by their incredible designs result using Vectorize Methods!

Ariadna C.

 "I felt somewhat frustrated when I saw that I did not get the results I wanted until I found Jhon and Vectorize. Thanks to its learning methodologies, and its tutorials, they are incredible. I started with very basic notions, two years later I am a 2D Game Artist."

 Damion F. 

What I love about these tutorials are that there is always something new to learn, not just with Affinity Designer. If you listen carefully, Jhon always drops tips to help you improve your art. It might tips on drawing, painting, in using other apps or websites.
I can notice how my art has improved in the short time I have joined. "


"I discovered a wonderful international online group called Vectorize Club managed by Jhonatan S Silva. We support each other daily, A Special Thanks goes to Jhon as he has taught me everything I know about Affinity Designer".

Pablo Otávio

"I found Jhon during his adorable live streaming, I've learned so much with his techniques on Affinity Designer, then I decided to join the club to be able to learn more, Now I can create my own characters, thanks for inspiring us!".


Here is a couple of the incredible Artwork made by Vectorize members!

by Vella smith
by Ariadna
by Sarah Domingues

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