About your Instructor


I'm Jhon, Vectorize Founder, a Freelancer Senior Artist, an expert in Affinity Designer and Game Art, I have created hundreds of tutorials since 2018.
After many people came to my YouTube channel in 2018 asking for explained tutorials, I decided to share everything about Affinity Designer on the Vectorize Club.
I've built a space where people could access hundreds of exercises, courses, and tutorials.
For people who didn't have the same opportunity as me to study Design. the Vectorize is the perfect place to learn graphic arts and illustration for all kinds of art.
This club is like family to me and inspires me to see all my friends progress by sharing their work as they learn.
I want to thank mainly you for supporting this ongoing project.

Why Vectorize Club?


A community like no other, full-field by challenges, art, and fun!

Many people ask why I would dedicate part of my time to teaching others. Simple, I want to share the easiest methods that can't be found anywhere! 

Helping many people that can't afford to pay for expensive school and Adobe subscriptions.

Knowing Design is a necessary part of modern life to everything, with the Vectorize you can do Art for:

Social media, marketing, games, apps, icons, printings, vynnil, and countless fields of design

Art is in all places, If you are interested to learn how to design your own projects, You have the best opportunity and cheapest access to learn how.

I want to join!