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Affinity 2.0 Ultimate Designer Class

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What you'll have?
✅ Introduction of Vector Fundamentals
✅ Learn the New Affinity 2.0 Interface
✅ Easy Beginner Navigation!
✅ Complete Understanding of Panels
✅ Learn PRO Transform Objects!
✅ Everything About Layers & Management!
✅ Advanced Selection PRO Tips!
✅ Everything about View Modes!
✅ Setting Guides, Grids, and Rulers!
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✅ Learn All Affinity Tools!
✅ Everything about Layer Effects!
✅ How to Start a Project!
✅ How to Vector any project!
✅ How to use Shape Builder in Affinity!
✅ How to use Mesh Tool in Affinity!
✅ Shortcuts and Many PRO Tips!
✅ FREE Updates on the New features in Affinity 2!

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